Violist Rahmaan Phillip

I am Rahmaan Phillip and music is my passion. My viola is an extension of myself, and with it I am able to express my love, my joy, and my faith. Join me in my journey.

About Me

I started playing viola when I was in the sixth grade. I never knew I had such a passion for music until then. I fell in love with my viola, but in high school I felt as though I wasn't good enough so I quit.

My music teacher at the time thought that my dropping her class must have been a mistake, so she added my name to the list of players that had been selected to play in Carnegie Hall. I had a decision to make, and it was clear to me then what I needed to do.

Now, I play solo and with my band, 'Stoked!' throughout the country. I have had the honor of opening for George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic, performing with Demi Lovato at the 2011 Latin Grammy awards, playing for world renowned celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and being musical director for Madame Coquette's Jazz House Cabaret.

Available Services

I am available for weddings, receptions, events, and parties of all types. I am also an excellent session musician to add a unique sound to your song or album. I love teaching others my craft and provide lessons as well. Contact me for details.

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